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What a Blog Did for a Web Site’s Traffic in a Month: 1 Graph Says It All

by Beth Cooper

Blogs increase SEO rankings.  Search engines love valuable content.  Generating a fresh stream of industry thought leadership via blogging peppers more important keywords throughout your web site, and search engines reward that.  

We recently wrote three pieces of blog content for a web site for a small consulting firm, approximately 500 words each article.  There had never had a blog on the web site before.  After posting the blog, we used some organic methods to improve reach – such as listing the page the blog was on with Google and posting a link across social media channels.

The result was immediate, and impressive.  Within one month, the web site saw a 412% increase in page views.  So, should your business have a blog?  We say YES.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.46.25 AM.png